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Ali’s ‘Kidnapper’


So there are a few ways Cyurs’ story could play out:

  1. Ali actually was kidnapped while she was on the run at some point. So this would mean that Alison was actually kidnapped and that Cyrus was the kidnapper. One the one hand, it would explain why he knew all this stuff about what happened to Ali that night but on the other hand it would mean Ali’s entire story of what happened that night was a lie. See, Cyrus is heard telling Tanner that he hit her in the back of the head with a rock and kidnapped her. If this is true, that would mean Mrs D never buried Ali alive, Grunwald never pulled Ali out of the dirt and Mona never found Ali on the side of the road. We only have Ali’s word to rely on that these things did happen, except for Grunwald. Assuming she is trustworthy, I believe that Cyrus did not really kidnap Alison.

  2. A is making Cyrus do this. So this would mean Cyrus is either like best buds with A and is just doing the bitch a favour, or he is being blackmailed into confessing for A. ( I’d say the latter was more plausible). So A is trying to drop Ali in it basically, by giving her what she wants and then will probably end up giving the police evidence that Cyrus didn’t do it or something like that. This one is actually possible.

  3. Ali is making Cyrus do this. Okay so I know this one is kinda far fetched but it’s still possible. Ali could have hired/blackmailed Cyrus to confess for her so the police believe her story. It could have been what Ali was doing when the girls saw her on Spencer’s surveillance camera. We know Ali is willing to go to extreme lengths to back up her story- look at what she did to Ms Marin when she had Noel break into her home. The only thing that kind of throws me off this one is that Ali looked really scared when she saw Cyrus in the police station.

  4. Detective Tanner has set it all up to prove Ali is lying. So we know Tanner does not believe a single word Ali has said since she came back to Rosewood. The police could have set this whole Cyrus thing up so that they can catch Ali in a lie. Like, Ali could tell them that Cyrus was her kidnapper and the police could be like ‘no bitch he’s an actor we hired and now we know you’re bullshiting us’. This is the theory that I’m sticking with right now. 

    What do you liars think? Message me your theories to my ask box! I’ll put a link here but you can also find it on my blog.
    Kisses bitches! -A.
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